Career orientation counselling

Learning more about yourself. Exploring possibilities. Choosing a path.

With so many training option, in an ever-changing environment, choosing an education  path is a compelling decision.  Such a decision requires in-depth knowledge of yourself, your capabilities, your interests.

Career orientation counselling is intended for young people with doubts about their professional future.  It allows to better choose an education path, as the first step of a future career, with the help of powerful and proven methods and tools.

The process

Requirement Analysis

Clarifying requirements and expectations
Understanding the process
Formalizing commitments

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Career path analysis
Identifying interets and motivations

Identifying strengths and capabilities

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Synthesis and exploration

Formalizing the profile’s key points

Gathering information on existing trainings, professions, and career prospects

Exploring possibilities and perspectives

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Education / training plan

Formalizing career orientation

Drawing an action plan


Personal Assessment

Personal and individual support by an assessments specialist consultant, using various tools to foster reflections (testing, questionnaires, exercises, etc.)


Target audience 

Young people in need of career orientation



Contact our office by phone to make an appointment with one of our skills assessment consultants (requirement analysis)


Skilles assessment process

4 individual interviews over a 1 month period



1050.- CHF + VAT