Competency framework

Clarifying functions Defining positions Precising competencies

The Competency Framework is a genuine communication tools between a company’s employees and Management. It does not only provide an inventory of all activities linked to a profession or a position within the company, but also lists all competencies and capabilities required to perform such activities.

It serves numerous purposes :

  • Defining and updating a requirements specification that is consistent with the company’s realities and requirements
  • Ensuring continuity and knowledge transmission beyond individual memory
  • Assessing employees against their position’s requirements, so as to identify training requirements

The process

Requirement Analysis

Clarifying requirements and expectations
Understanding the process

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Practice analysis

Interviewing employees and/or Management

Company on-site observation

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Building the framework

Activities inventory
Competencies mapping
Listing required capabilities

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Framework validation by the company

Our offer

The process duration, practical details, and cost, are to be defined in accordance with the company’s requirements and with the mission. Kindly contact our Management team for a detailed analysis of your requirement and a tailored offer:

Roseline Cisier
Managing Director