Validation of acquired experience

Experience validation and recognition of acquired experience

In an ever more demanding, ever more competitive work environment, getting qualifications is essential, as it not only broadens career possibilities, but also opens access to higher level education and training.

Validation and recognition of acquired experience is an official, federal level process, which provides any adult a way to have their professional experience validated in order to obtain either a Federal VET Diploma (”Certificat Fédéral de Capacité” – CFC) or a Federal Professional Training Certificate (”Attestation Fédérale de Formation Professionnelle” – AFP”), provided they bring proof of their competencies.

In the frame of this official process, CEBIG is commissioned by the Canton of Geneva to support applicants in preparing their application file describing their competencies (referred to as “Dossier de Validation” – Validation File). The file is then assessed by experts in the profession.

This process is launched through the Professional Training Office (”Office pour l’orientation, la formation professionnelle et continue” – OFPC),  For more information, contact the OFCP’s career centre (”Cité des Métiers du Grand Genève” – Greater Geneva Area Careers Centre).

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